Just when we thought there would be no Bethesdabakin’ Weekend in 2013 ending a six year run, up pops Brad Prezant, currently resident in New Zealand, and offers to run it in France! Brad organised the second baking weekend at his splendid house in Conzieu in 2008. After what you might call the informal decrepit charm of Bethesda Rugby Club the previous year, this was the luxury event of the whole series exchanging the smell of stale beer for the aromas of red wine and wild boar pate.

Basic information: Weekend of 14/15 September at Brad’s house in Conzieu in Eastern France – nearest airport Geneva, then train to Culoz which is about 30 kilometers from Conzieu and no public transport so a little planning will be needed.

Pete Bennett, who lives in the region and was at the first event, will be coordinating at the french end.

A message form our host, Brad; “Sounds like there’s lots of enthusiasm for Conzieu ( you can all google it to see where it is) despite the September date.  I’m thrilled, as I haven’t been able to make it the last 5 years (since the last time we hosted) due to the time of year, we are only in France September/October.  For those of you who don’t know, we  normally live in New Zealand and return once per year for the kids to attend school for 6 weeks. We should be able to accomodate 25 bakers/participants.  The house is big enough to accommodate and we have a wood fired oven as well as conventional oven. Two commercial 20 liter mixers and lots of work table and refrigeration space.

We should be able to accommodate everyone who wants to come though we don’t have bedrooms for everyone.  If camping out or spreading a pad and bag on the floor is OK, it shouldn’t be a problem. .

There are also other lodging options though you’d need a car to get back and forth.  Email me if you want further info in that regard.  Everyone might want to contribute toward a van for the weekend, then everyone will be able to be picked up from the train station or airport ( train from Geneva to Culoz,  Lyon airport as an alternative to Geneva, either airport about 1 1/2 hours.  Unfortunately since we no longer live in Europe we don’t have a vehicle.

If you have young children, talk to me, as we have an almost 6 year old boy and 9 year old girl, kids around that age are likely welcome as playmates..

We will need a few volunteers to come earlier (i dont arrive in europe till the 10th September), and stay a day or two later to help clean.  I think 1 of the 2 oven elements is in need of replacement so someone who has some mechanical skills would be most welcome/necessary. My wife was less than enthusiastic about the aftermath last time we hosted and asked me to remind all the Brits that French men pee sitting down-and they’re still real men!
(when in Rome do as the Romans do and all that…). [I must admit it took me awhile to get used to that being an American, former British colony and all that, but I’m on board now].

I promise to ask Mamam to make pate.

Let the good times knead!”


16 Responses to Welcome

  1. Big-G says:

    I certainly hope to be there this year. Probably two of us .

  2. rowmarcus says:

    Very sorry to say I think it very unlikely that I’ll be able to make it this year, much as I enjoyed the event last year. Mick I’ll be in touch mate.

  3. We are making a plan to to combine this with our campervan holiday.

  4. moonbake1 says:

    Hi Brad,
    Great that you can host the event this year. Sadly I won’t be able to make it as September is our busiest month bakery wise with lots of festivals etc to bake for, sorry.
    If any of the others attending are making a trip of it I think I’m right in saying the Mondial du Pain ( a world baking event ) is taking place the following weekend near Lyon, might be worth a look.
    ( Obviously the bread quality there won’t be any way near as good as the quality found at a Bethesda type event !!!! ) Have a great time all of you and hopefully I’ll meet up with some of you next year


  5. adamnewey says:

    Very sorry indeed that we won’t be seeing you, Rick. But rest assured that we’ll raise a glass or two in your honour!

  6. rowmarcus says:

    ok, maybe I will be there… few things to resolve before I can confirm for definite however. Hopefully I can though! 🙂

  7. Brad prezant says:

    Mondale du Pan is 25 to 29 Septembre in St. Etienne, about 1 hr 15 minutes away. They’ve moved SIRHA to january (they used to be held together). Both are great events, Mondiale du Pan somewhat overshadowed by SIRHA in th past.

  8. Would love to attend if possible!

  9. Hi Danielle
    Everyone who is interested in sharing their skills and learning is welcome to attend these events but as you are new to this group it would be useful if you said something about yourself and why you want to come to the baking weekend.

  10. bennett57 says:

    I’m the french coordinator, apparently!
    Will be a great pleasure – I’ll get myself motivated (not so easy in France…). Very sorry Adam won’t be there.

  11. bennett57 says:

    and I should have signed as Pete

  12. bennett57 says:

    I do have a car and can perhaps provide some transport (certainly from Culoz), accommodation I can’t provide, sadly. There is, however, a good camp site over the road from our house.

  13. chocveg says:

    Hi, thanks for getting this organised. I do not think I will be able to make that weekend, I am very sorry to be missing it but can’t take any extra days off from work at that time. I’ll keep in touch here in case things change…! Keep bakin’! Allison

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