Travel options

For anyone who wants to consider an alternative to flying, which, with some judicious planning need not cost more, get yourself informed here with the help of the Independent’s Simon Calder.

Sorry for the diatribe below relating to my business..I don’t know why its there nor how to remove/stop it. Until I do learn though, I wont be posting much more!


About amazinggrains

I am a self taught baker, running a micro bakery business from home, near Olney, in the far north of Buckinghamshire. I produce 'real bread' either by leavening with natural ferments, or with fresh yeast, with or without added (but natural) ingredients, lots of time, and zero chemicals .
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2 Responses to Travel options

  1. bakingben says:

    Do we know the dates of the weekend? I’ll need to book leave as early as possible.


  2. bakingben says:

    Just read the front page with the dates on: sorry I missed it before.

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