I’ve had the following response to my email of 07 July.
Confirmed as coming:

Jack & Eddy – camping – arrive Friday via Lyon – hiring car – have couple of spaces if people arriving on same flight – depart Monday midday – Eddy is veggie
Stig – arriving with Jack and Eddy – needs accommodation
Diana & Vic – camper van – arrive Thurs evening
Biker Ben – arriving by bike – needs accommodation
Adam & Tracey – arriving Friday via Geneva, departing Monday – need accommodation – Tracey is vegan.

Jay & Gill – can’t confirm at this stage
Robin – veggie – probable
Terry & Stef – unlikey

Diana says that Danielle Ellis is serious and is contacting her.


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  1. adamnewey says:

    Sorry, Mick, late as usual … but yes, Tracey and I are planning to arrive on the Friday and disappear again on the Monday. Not entirely sure how we’ll be getting ourselves there yet, but we’ll find a way. And we could certainly do with accommodating …

  2. Brad says:

    I can ask locals about staying in their homes, also, some friends run a B and B nearby. If I can get a count of who wants what, we can arrange ahead of time. Also there is always floor space for free if we run out of bedrooms/beds, but need to know if this is wanted.

  3. The Cornish Exile says:

    Hi Adam. If you’re both thinking of flying from/to London on those days then you could combine with me, Stig and my dad so that we could share a car? J

  4. adamnewey says:

    Thanks, Jack, that’s a really kind offer, but it looks as if we’re going to be coming by train, both being allergic to airports. Of course, if you happen to be driving through Culoz at about 3.35 on Friday afternoon, you might see a couple of people trying to hitch a lift … If not, I may have to beg Pete.
    Brad, if you could clear a bit of floor space for Tracey and me, that would be very welcome indeed. She’s not very big, so we’d only need a couple of square metres … We’re both really looking forward to it!

    • Hi Adam. That might be doable actually – we got into Lyon at 14:10 on the Friday and it’s about a 90 minute drive to Brad’s, so the time might work out if we’re not delayed. J

      • adamnewey says:

        Well, that would be fantastic! I’ve booked our train now, and we do indeed get to Culoz at 3.35, so it sounds plausible. Perhaps we should swap mobile numbers?

  5. bakingben says:

    Hello Brad

    If the small room above the kitchen where I stayed last time is available again that would suit me fine. I can carry a sleeping liner: might just need a blanket if there’s one about.


  6. Hi all. Just a status update: I’ve booked a hire car, so Ed, Stig, Adam, Tracey and I should all be arriving at around 16:30 on the Friday. Brad, what’s the parking like around your place? Ed and I will be bringing a tent to camp – can we pitch in your garden, or is it better to find a site nearby? J

  7. Just heard from Gareth. He and Jackie can’t make it now.

  8. This is starting to look like the final line-up. Marcus can’t make it because of family obligations. Terry and Stef are probably out because of finances. Sue’s not coming so you will have no one to keep me under control. Can’t understand Robin’s email entirely but he’s aiming to come. Still haven’t heard if Danielle Ellis is serious.

    So, it would be Jack & Eddy (camping) who will hire a car and be bringing Stig, Adam & Tracy on Friday. Diana & Vic arriving Friday in camper van. Biker Ben arriving Thursday night by folding bike. Me arriving in Geneva at 16.15 on Thursday. Plus Brad en famille & Pete & (I trust) Susan.

    • adamnewey says:

      Ah, no Sue? Am very sorry indeed to hear that – apart from having no one to keep you under control (impossible job anyway), who’s going to make the fruity sorbets?

  9. bennett57 says:

    Camping around here is good and relatively inexpensive.There are three sites that I know. Over the road from us here in Artemare (7.5 kilometers from Brad) is well run and liked and in a nice setting. Or there is a site by the Lac du Virieu (5 kilometers from Brad) which is a lovely setting and with decent facilities. Or there is a municipal site at Culoz which I have never used but I am sure is fine (and sits under the rather fine mountain Le Grand Colombier).
    There will be no problems in September but I could book for you or find exact prices etc. Let me know.

  10. bennett57 says:

    Correction here, the Artemare camping is 22 kilometers from Brad and the Lac de Virieu is 17 kilomters from Brad. Didn’t read correct to me so I revisited (very useful).

  11. Brad says:

    There is definitely camping in the yard, among the new fruit trees since you all last visited.

  12. Brad says:

    Marie and the kids are hoping, if all goes well, to be gone during the baking. So that will free up another bedroom.

    • adamnewey says:

      If there really is a free room, could I please put in a request for it? We do have a tent if need be, but arriving by train it’d be easier not to lug it along with us. Plus Tracey’s somewhat allergic to life under canvas. She’s having to spend the coming weekend with me and the kids in a tent as it is, and I don’t want to push my luck …

  13. Danielle is not coming as just changed jobs. We are now due to arrive Friday afternoon. Vic wont be baking, but happy to do photos.

  14. Just wondering what the best plan is for parking up our camper van. Is it best to book on a local site?

  15. A message from our leader:

    “Just a quick update as we are at the 2 week mark. Everything appears to be going well, regarding planning, and it seems everyone is somewhat situated with transportation. Yes?

    Pete is handling flour, assuming everyone’s seen the post, anyone who is coming from the UK and driving and can bring wholemeal wheat flour, that would be great. Let me know.

    I think 75 euros should cover expenses, but bring a little extra in case I’m off. Marie took my multimeter yesterday to France and will attempt to diagnose the oven problem. That should give us enough time to get the electric oven parts before the weekend. The wood fired oven, no moving parts! And no electronics!

    Should be fabulous in France! September is my favorite time, anyone wanting to do any French traditional markets early in the AM Sat or Sunday, there are 2, 1 each day, in different directions, and you can go really early if you want and be back in time for a late breakfast!”

  16. stig23 says:

    Looking forward to seeing everybody (but sorry no Sue, Mick) – just been photocopying pages from bread books to save on baggage. Is there anything useful I can bring which will fit in with flying? – let me know. Late in the day to be checking, but is there room for me in the house Brad? – I put in a request long time ago, but strikes me that we never firmed up on that.

  17. Well, Stig, I’m very sorry to say that you won’t be seeing me either so you can have my bed (if I had one). I’ve had a couple of years of very minor, but niggling, medical problems and a very tiring few months work-wise. So, last minute I’m pulling out. Fougasse will have to wait I’m afraid.

  18. stig23 says:

    Oh no! It Won’t Be The Same Without You. We’ll have to create some sort of dough avatar to sit in the corner and oversee our efforts, drink in hand. Look after yourself and get well quickly. x

  19. bassoons1 says:

    Very sorry to hear you aren’t coming Mick. As Stig says it won’t be the same without you.
    Talking of markets I bought some stoneground local flour here in Umbria and have just finished baking with it. I also made a focaccia which everyone seems to be wowed by for some reason. It’s got olive oil in it from the garden olive trees!

  20. bakingben says:

    I’m on a borrowed computer and for some reason it displayed my password which “happened’ to be that! I guess you would have noticed that Pete!

  21. adamnewey says:

    No Mick!! That’s pretty much disastrous! Can only echo Stig and Ben – IWBTSWY! Though rest assured that a glass or two will be raised in your honour.
    Also echoing Stig – Brad, just wanted to check that there’s somewhere indoors for Tracey and me to sleep – we can easily bring sleeping bags if need be, but it would handy to know beforehand.
    Very much looking forward to it, despite devastating lack of Hartleys.

  22. Hi everyone. So, now I’m sitting back at my desk and pining for Conzieu – the weekend just flew by in a cloud of flour. Mick, I’m really sorry that you couldn’t make it, but hope that the rest has done you good and that you’ll be back next year. Thanks to everyone, especially Pete, Brad and (of course) family, for organising everything, for putting us up and being such fantastic hosts. I’m now going to have to detox to offset the brioche, croissants, pain au chocolate, chocolate tart, creme anglais, frangipane… Hope to see you all again soon. J

    • adamnewey says:

      Agreed! It went by all too quickly. It’s given me much food for thought, literally and metaphorically, so many thanks also to all, as ever, for generous sharing of expertise and enthusiasm. But, marvellous as it was, it couldn’t quite be the same without our presiding genious (sic) – hope you’ll be back in top form next time, Mick.
      Once I’ve installed this Dropbox thingy, I’ll stick in some ever-so-nearly in-focus shots of the weekend … Am particularly looking forward, of course, to seeing the fruits of Vic’s labours.

  23. stig23 says:

    I am finally home – via Glasgow and the Lib Dems – with a glass of wine (third…). One of the best weekends we have had – (though clearly it lacked a Mick, whose presence would have perfected things) – with much croissanterie (?) and general Frenchified goings-on. Enormous thanks to Brad for such wonderful hospitality, and to everyone for everything. I now lust after a heavy duty mixer, brioche-for-the-making of. Failing same, I shall just have to commission Adam every now and then. Thank you all!!

  24. adamnewey says:

    No idea whether this is going to work, but here’s a link to a bunch of dodgy baking pix:
    PS Mixer for hire at very reasonable rates …

  25. And here’s a DropBox link to my equally dodgy photos:

    I think you should be able to download them all as a .zip by clicking on the little cog at the top of the page?

  26. I’m not really jealous. It’s just when the photos start to appear ….

  27. bennett57 says:

    It was indeed a terrific weekend. Many thanks to Brad and you all for making it so! I’m utterly in awe at the brilliance of your baking.
    Those are fantastic photos. As soon as I can work out this dropbox thing I will post mine.

  28. Brad says:

    Thank you all for coming! And especially all of you who helped clean up: by the time everyone finished cleaning, and Pete and Ben spent hours on their knees working the kitchen and living room/bread workshop floors the following day, the house was in better shape than when we all arrived. And my wife really appreciated the challah stashed in the freezer. Hoping to make next years event.

  29. What a fabulous time we all had in Conzieu, every kilometer we travelled to get there was well worth it. Our campervan is now known as ‘The Magic Van’. For those not there – I had everything needed that wasn’t to be found in Brad’s cupboards, even down to fresh ginger, fresh chilli and semolina! (Who wouldn’t travel without such staples!) Oh and not to forget the little Slicer.
    One of our van storage cupboards is now ‘Le Cave du Van’ on account of the amount of vin in the van by the time we reached home!
    Vic’s photos coming very soon. He is happy for you to use them on your business websites.
    x Diana

  30. adamnewey says:

    Fabulous! Thanks very much to Vic for some glorious reminders of a terrific weekend. Very glad to see that the pizza inferno came out so well!

  31. Great photos! Thank you!

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